Service Music from Italy

A series of national organ music collections with the public
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A series of national organ music collections with the publication of music from England, France, Germany, and Italy. Each book contains 50 representative pieces especially suitable for Service use. The collections are compiled by Colin Mawby.
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Product Code 1400382
Product Name Service Music from Italy
Short Description A series of national organ music collections with the public
Date Published 19 Oct 2005
ISBN 9781844174256
ISMN M570244645
Pack Size 1
Manufacturer Kevin Mayhew
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Adagio in A minor - Corelli
Adagio in B minor - Corelli
Adagio in G minor - Corelli
Allegro Vivace - Capocci
Ave Maria - Bossi
Ave Maris Stella, First Verse - Frescobaldi
Ave Maris Stella, Fourth Verse - Frescobaldi
Ave Maris Stella, Second Verse - Frescobaldi
Ave Maris Stella, Third Verse - Frescobaldi
Canzon Terza - Gabrieli
Chant du Soir - Bossi
Christe - Frescobaldi
Corrente Prima - Frescobaldi
Corrente Seconda - Frescobaldi
Elevation - Sabadini
Fantasia on the Fourth Mode - Gabrieli
Finale - Esposito
Finale - Leybach
First Verset - Petrali
Gagliarda - Valente
Gagliarda Terza - Frescobaldi
Grave - Corelli
Intermezzo for the Elevation - Leybach
Largo - Corelli
Largo - Zipoli
Magnificat: Primi Toni - Frescobaldi
Magnificat: Secundi Toni - Frescobaldi
Magnificat: Sesti Toni - Frescobaldi
Melodia - Bottazzo
Musette - Ravanello
Music for the Elevation - Petrali
Postlude - Leybach
Prayer - Ravanello
Prelude - Corelli
Prelude in D - Leybach
Prelude in E minor - Frescobaldi
Prelude in F - Leybach
Prelude in G minor - Frescobaldi
Preludio - Bossi
Presto - Marcello
Redemption - Bossi
Resignation - Bossi
Ricercare - Gabrieli
Ricercare - Palestrina
Second Verset - Petrali
Sunday Vespers Hymn, First Verse - Frescobaldi
Sunday Vespers Hymn, Third Verse - Frescobaldi
Third Verset - Petrali
Toccata - Frescobaldi
Toccata for Sunday Communion - Frescobaldi
Toccata - Paradies
Voluntary in D - Scarlatti

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